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Huu..long time im not in mood to write the blog..so busy? ahaks..maybe..last week got 1 assigntment..next week ! or tomorrow 2 must send~ and wednesday another 2..isk..so many..final in April aiyark..hmm just pray to God..help me..help me to success in my life..

i tried my best to study hard and whatever things that i doing in my life.. for this year..im not take the “special sem” huhu..because..no subject to take..im trying to take the industrial training but need to take Database System..isk bodo ke ape..subjek ni kan aku kne amik bln 6 nnti..so tk pasal2 kne tangguh final year aka next year bru praktikal..huu..so cuti yg next year 3bln ni bwk ke taun ni..so aku rileks dlu..hmm..pray to GOD THAT I MUST GRAD NEXT YEAR !


Posted March 18, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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