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Huu..today got Data Structure examination..this type examination is like the programming..so sad..i cant answered it very well..sedeh sgt..ade section c tu..aku bole jwb 1 soalan je dr 3..ilang 20markah = 10% dr keseluruhan markah subjek ni..sedeh sgt..bkn aku xbace..bkn aku xstudi..haihs..tah la mnde dh lpas..aku just harap..aku dpt skor sbjek ni..jangn la dpt bukan2..sian kt parents aku..sem ni aku kne skor ..esok ade exam lg..pstu rilex jap smpi kamis baru exam blk..doakan aku ok.. ~

Posted April 8, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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