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“BLACKSBURG, Va. (Reuters) – The gunman who massacred 32 people at Virginia Tech university was identified on Tuesday as a student from South Korea and a troubled loner whose behavior had sometimes alarmed those around him.

As students and teachers grieved at a tearful memorial service led by President George W. Bush, police said Cho Seung-Hui, 23, acted alone on Monday in carrying out the deadliest shooting rampage in modern U.S. history.” what is your opinion? school ~ either kindergarden also now is not safe..

How to avoid this tragedic? must tight the security system in the area? scanning all parts

of human body before enter the area? sometimes i think..kenapelah nyawa ni begitu

murah pada zaman kini..nk kiamat ke? Allahualam..

“More than 30,000 people die from gunshot wounds every year in the United States and there are more guns in private hands than in any other country. A powerful gun lobby and grass-roots support for gun ownership rights have largely thwarted attempts to tighten controls. ” more..where the people like this got the guns or anything..why so cheap or maybe

so easy to get..i also want m16 or ak-47 ahhaha..can play counter-strike lor..lols..

to be continue..

p/s Pasal kes yin tu..psgan myanmar yg tlg ksi blk budak tu..kne tahan soal siasat pasal

disyaki terlibat dengan kegiatan pengemis kanak2 ni..wuu..cmtu lak..Allahualam ~ 🙂


Posted April 18, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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