Peace? Off!   5 comments exam result already come out ~ argh.. so sad..not so good..alhamdulillah all passed..hope so all pass coz if failed ~ im died u know..3 sem + 1 sem practical more !! kene bertahan !! argh..harap2 la berjaya cemerlang aku ni..amin.


Posted May 3, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

5 responses to “Peace? Off!

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  1. lol. biase la tu. mane de h4x0r5 yang trus lulus sume paper. stended la kalau stakat extend 2-3 sem. 🙂

  2. lols..aku lulus tk mmberansangkan best lor hahaha..mana bole extend..aku nk keje cpt..bole hack cpt2..hahaha

  3. ape yg ko dah hack?

  4. mcm2..lols..haha..rahsie..adeh..

  5. lol. server mane ko dah hack? kongsi2 la. 🙂

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