New LCD TV For My Family :P   1 comment just wanna wrote about my NEW LCD TV ~ huhuhu..after more than seven? ten years? i think parents change to this new previous tv suddenly “down” the AV function so just can watch “free” astro 😦 sad..and finally the technician came to my house this evening and take the tv to their shop..arghh my parents so sad ahhaha..but so funny when i think they want to watch the “mexico series” at 3 o’clock..wuuu..where we wanna watch ask my mom to my dad…wanna go to my second house in Penang? coz there we have one more old tv..but we have friday prayer..wanna going to hometown? just came back last day..wanna ask mom’s member if we can “lepaking” to watch this and call..all my mom’s fren so bz with their “xtvt” hmm so no need !! said my think about ten minutes ahhaha..we going to Asam Pedas restaurant just for watching this mexico series hahaha..i think the restaurant staff must be laughing at us ahaha..ate the cucur udang and bihun bandung..nyum nyum..after that we are going to the Ah Ping’s shop ..this man already know our family coz all the electrical items at my house we get from here..washine box..and also the tv….he told my parents that no need to repair..just by new tv coz the cost of tv now is blabla..and now we have new LCD TV ~ mom so happy so am i..our house now “full with sound” back im post this new tv pics~im not pro photographer ~ 😛 mom said she so people..just about tv..not about money and so on..but all have the “reason” now get NEW TV..FINISHED ! just agreed..wanna the PLASMA tv but more expsenvie..cost about 8k need ~ LCD enough~ coz our parents said im also need money to come back to university 2 weeks more..

p/s also get the s-video cable about rm200 wuuu so expensive..this cable for more clear the astro channel~


Posted June 22, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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  1. ok la tu bro!

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