MASChat Server in mIRC 6.21 !!   2 comments

omg..finally..i think more than one year? idea..forget already when i was submit my server to khaled mardam-bey..and now someone from indonesia told that he just select it from server list..suddenly shocked..its true? yeah he i just installed it and i search my server..oh..thank god..not more than 5 malaysia’s irc network was in from now i must still continue the MASCHAT.COM IRC NETWORK 🙂 ..maschat stand for malaysia chat 😛


Posted July 1, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

2 responses to “MASChat Server in mIRC 6.21 !!

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  1. hello friendz..
    im came from malaysia too.i proud about that.i was create new irc server.and i was send all detail my server to khaled long my server install in mirc next version??

    • Hi, Thanks. erm..actually this topic already so sorry not so remember how long their teams take time..but i checked after new version come out and see MASChat already in list until nowadays! 😀

      p/s so just wait if now mirc v6.35..u check at v6.36 later.

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