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wow..im just going watched it at jusco cheras selatan..btw im also not know where the new jusco..just tried with my friends the way to the supermarket..btw there also have TGV ~ so..because HP just come out yesterday..we thought that must so many people wanna watch it..btw when we just arrived there..we feel tired search the cinema hahaha..finally found at level 1..that have 2 level only at there..so just bought the ticket wow..so many “tempat kosong” keke..then we ate first (KFC nyum nyum~)..solat asar..baru gi tgk..wuu layan..best gakk hahaha..bkn sbb choo tu cium ngan harry ..tp gempak psal ade community order of phoenix ape tah..best aa yg lawan last skali smpi sirius black pn mati tu..huhu..adeh..will be continued~ keke..

Posted July 12, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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