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Now..update my wanted list..lol before this i had a wanted list in previous blog..btw this blog no need lah.. 🙂

So..if “GOT” money..wanna buy

1) SATA case for 3.5″ ..sian hdd aku beli je letak dlm almari lols..case tade

2) SUGAR GLIDER !! new pet..wahhh so cute 😛 lol..so lonely hahaha..so wanna try to bela

sumthing la hahaha..kantoi naye je lols..memula nk bela ikan..tp cam sush je..bli hamster dh

pnah bela lak..so tupai terbang ni la jd pilihan huhu..

ni pic aku amik dr lowyat.. 🙂 thanks the community there.

 3) Pay anything..fees..hutang..blabla..

4) Makan ramai2..huhu

5) RAM ? hmm if got the balance..

arghhh @*#(@#*(@#..when the university @ ptptn wanna bankin me..i have a lot to do

with the money..


Posted August 8, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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