PICNIC?   3 comments

first time td gi sg gabai kt area kajang..pergh..dh la nk naik bukit masa nk mndi tu gile penat cam aram gile pncit la rase nk pitam pn ade..skit sgt kaki..arghh ni ade gmbar shah ngn fish hehe..gmbar aku tade pn..malas la tngkp2 terlepas hp masuk air ensem kang lol..penat gile..kitaorg rmai gk dlm 9org kot..memula tgk punya la ramai manusia..malas laa..adeh rempit ade pondan pn ade lol..lawak la plak skali tgk..pstu dr kul 11 lepak smpai kul 4 kot blah..haihs tndas memg truk..dh la dgr stakat salin bju pn 5 kupang wtfun..air lak tade..tandas ape tah..bodo2..lol ni gmbar nye

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Posted September 9, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

3 responses to “PICNIC?

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  2. oh, ok i try 🙂 thanks..

  3. lol..

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