FYP ???   2 comments

wow..starting new semester.. 2 more week from now..i must planning the fyp..fyp stand for final year project..yeah finally alhamdulillah dpt gak abis study2 ni huhu..harap2 la..last 2 sem ni..so dlm masa sem dpn ni..aku kne bagi kertas kerja la umpamanya..utk project 1..project 2 bru siapkan system tu..so mintak pendapat sape2..sile la ksi..nk wat sistem ape huhu..ok..what system u need now..or what system u think we need to improve it now..please give me the comment 🙂


Posted November 20, 2007 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

2 responses to “FYP ???

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  1. buat system online booking..chalet ke..gempak sikit babe

    kakakmu yg cuteeeeeeeeee
  2. tu cm da ade dah..aku nk wat cam getdb tu kacak tk? lol..tk pun ~ utk sistem book kawin ke kahkah~ tk pun system recycler nye price semasa ~ lol..oit ang ade lg prjek 1 nye ? nk usya format2 die cmne..email kt aku ok

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