Tired !   1 comment

Hmm..b4 this just have assgnment..present..project..FYP..test..midterm.argh..tired..now just have lab test..and 2 more presentation..then draf FYP b4 present it..hmm about my training..last week just have called interview by Kobe from penang..hope so get it..pray to GoD ..~ kalau tak pegi telekom tpg je lah huhu..pray to god..this sem got better result..pls pls… 😦 1 more sem to go after the practical..haihs..must no shy2 da..must talkaltive oso..repair da communication ~ soft skills… 😦 english ! ! ! ! ! ! !

p/s my sugar glider latest pic ~


Posted March 4, 2008 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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  1. ade gmbar die nk geget kt situ lg haha.. biar la weks..

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