Voting Day + Bored Weekend   Leave a comment day for Malaysia..huhu btw im not going back 😦 so sad..have a lot of work in university..hmm just think why we cant make a system that all malaysian can vote anywhere without come back to idea when the system can available..hmm so bored this idea where people gone either going back to voting or somewhere else. also not enough XD haha..just have rm130 for 13 days more !! eating + petrol + top up hp ~ T_T so sad..must eat one day one meal la mcm tu tul tak..hmm next monday have presentation..spm yg mgu lpas tu asyik tunda2 last2 mau final kang bru prsent ke lol..kelaka gak prof ni..then my fyp must submit the draf next week also..cant wait more then next week present !! wow..pray for me..hope so the 2nd reader also in good mood..tak kenal pun sape..advisor kate lec foreigner..dr india..tul ke..tah la. 😦 ..praktikal pn apecer..mane Kobe ni..aihs..sedeh..mau gi telekom je la kot huhu..

Posted March 8, 2008 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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