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Finally alhamdulillah..finished chpter 3-5 my fyp..hurmm wanna submit this morning..but my supervisor not here today aiyark..think twice who are my 2nd reader..lupelak demmit..oh pn asma frm india mybe..then going straight to her..”tok tok” knock her door..”im … finl year .. ask me to see coz u ar my 2nd i wanna sbmit my first chpter to you..for get some idea about my fyp”.. ” i thnk u mst sbmit the draf..” err…aku bru nk anta 3-5 die nk draf lak lol..”i thnk pn ..ask me to send just chp 1 to you” huhu..”ok2 i will discuss with pn…” tape la cmtu so aku tnye die nk aku prnt utk draf tk..psl mmg da siap pn actually coz 3-5 da siap..hmm tp aku nk tau gk pn …ckp ape 3-5 bru nk print blk SEMUA ! week must present da..aiyark..then study for FINAL ~ pray for me 😦


Posted March 11, 2008 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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