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yap..after test 2 for subject ethics its sign for semester 2 oso finished..yesterday im finishing present my fyp..alhamdulillah..semua ok..just edit for a few page..dfd..erd..and format for page numbers..lain test 2 pn..bole la kot..just kene tinggi dr test 1 coz dr zainuddin said he will take the best works..just get interview for tomorrow..aiyark.baru classmate in jasin already worked there august last da lama..ceh aku baru tau haha..bole aku passing je resume tu lol penat je haha..hmm..still confusing..wanna go or not..kalo dpt..alhamdulillah..just thinking about cost going there..

tol pegi balik = rm8 ~ ( 1 day)

fees = rm800

apartment + makan = 3000 ( 3bulan )

minyak = ? no idea..50 maybe for 4 days? 5? err..

parking = ?? idea..

hmm cmne aa 😦 ..

Posted March 18, 2008 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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