SurveY utK wEeKenD yaNg BosAN   2 comments

The Do’s
1. Do you smoke?
= nope
2. Do you like it when it rains?
= ikut gak..kdg2 suke..kdg2 tak..
3. Do you love someone right now?
= sure !
4. Do you eat a lot?
= yes.. tp nk hampir sbln da tk makan nasi …bie ~ 😦
5. Do you lock your car before?
= yes, confirmed
6. Do you dream of being successful?
= mestila..jd
7. Do you listen to music a lot?
= kadang2..kdg2 mcm suke je sunyi
8. Do you want to take drugs when your older?
= nk mati bole la..
9. Do you wish to be a model?
= eh..gua model cari..march 2003 lol.
10. Do you know how to play a saxophone?
= tak reti men alat muzik..

The Are’s
1. Are you missing someone?
= miss bie ~ pdhal jmpe gk my family la..fren..
2.Are you married?
= tgu grad..tgu keje..tgu stabil..
3. Are you Malaysian?
= aah..tringin jd european
4. Are you really interested in survey?
= saje bosan tgk kt blog dayah dextrike
5. Are you going anywhere after this survey?
= hmm tah..karok? bowling? lol..
6. Are you female or male?
= male..
7. Are you one of those people who like gossiping?
= gossip? ape yg best? cite
8. Are you a Lenny Kravitz fan?
= sape tu..kahkahs..
9. Are you falling in love?
= ye lerrr
10. Are you lying about no.9?
= jadah

The Or’s
1. white or black?
= tk jwb soalan
2. pop rock or heavy metal?
= hmm pop rock..metal pn bukan heavy la..
3. orange or orange juice?
= orange juice
4. sweet or spicy?
= dua2..
5.Miley or Avril?
= Avril ! kahkahs..punk~
6. beef or chicken?
= dua2..peh
7. Mp3 or Nintendo DS?
= dua2 gak..hahahaha
8. friendly or naughty?
= dua2..peh..
9. Mathematics or History?
= math kot..sejarah pn bole tk suke nk igt2..bace skali bole la..
10. day or night?
= dua2 gak..kaaaokaoa..

ok fail dlm memilih kputusan hahaha..

Posted August 8, 2008 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

2 responses to “SurveY utK wEeKenD yaNg BosAN

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  1. ciannye die..xmkn nasi..mum die pon nk die kurus,xpe kamu leyh jimaaat..think +ve ..k..kmu save mase nk g mkn ..bole wat kje len..
    lame2 nnty,kamu biase laa…xmo sedeyh2 k..

  2. erm… 😦

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