Virus !   Leave a comment mny virus i already updated the pages hackerzx’s Tweaks & Fixes about to enable back when the virus had disable ur “Show hidden files” ..u can try the instructions given there..if have prob pls give some comment in here 🙂 ..tq 

im also updated the virus regarding when your filesname.doc suddenly change to filesname.exe ..this virus btw so simple to remove it..just update your current anti virus and scan will remove all ur filesname.exe..but..if u dont show the extension of the files..u mybe think the antivirus remove all files.doc..

don’t panic..the av just remove the *.exe only..u can see ur previous files..when u enable the “show hidden files” and “show system files” ..the virus so smart copying the name same as *.doc ..and hidden + make it as file system.. check the hackerzx’s Tweaks & Fixes for the solutions 😀

Posted October 19, 2008 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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