Fast n Furious 4 awesome !!   2 comments

lol..after im going back submit my form at eyebee em..then i watched movie FF4 !! wah..kacak2..hebat2..just wonder can it happened in real world? i means not in film..sure if u modified all ur cars is ok..but to race like in the film..sure cant..mybe already get xcident and so on..btw Gal Gadot kacak! kahkah..

finished it..i rush to s.alam lol..wonder how i drive haha..excited..terpengaruh aa ni..demit..take around 40minutes suda smpai..kacak..gua rempit 4wd tu..bkn nye wira ke honda ke pe..4wd tu cam dlm cite ff4 tu haha..4 wheels pn bole wat race..kacak2..kire puas hati la tgk dr cite KNOWING yang korang dok rase best nk tengok pstu nyesal bile da tgk..

/me jeling teri


Posted April 7, 2009 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

2 responses to “Fast n Furious 4 awesome !!

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  1. dude..u have been tag by me…
    so rep it..
    see at my blog

  2. baik cik..haha

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