When “IT” Person talked with “NOT IT” Person !!@@!!   Leave a comment

cam gampang gk la smlm keje haha..so aku pndekkan la cite

situation 1

X : Hi E, can u help us to resolve this prblem..bcause around 12 person cant fwd the mail from dbse.

E: Ok currntly i and A trying to search the fix solution.

X: no..i hope u can rslve it today..and dnt give the solution by mail..can u come down to check with us.

E: (hais amoi ni nk lebeh2 lak ) ..ok2 i will there..

zzz..after know solution E going down to check wht hppened..

E: ok now fix but u need to switch id..

V: ya ok thnks..btw X want to without change the ID

E: ha? er..later i will check with A about the solution..

V: ok2..know ok la..but need to change the ID.

stelah skian lama..E ngn A dpt la kot solution die..kne tkar ade settng die skit dlm software.

E & A: haihs..sush la diorg ni..ok la just mail diorg mtk all the id and pass mybe after they work kita bole testing one bye one diorg pnya pc.

E pun mail ask smua user mtk pass ngn id..smbil cc dkat X ngn S..diorg nye team lead @ ktua la kot tah..

X reply blk tp smpt gk la sorg staff ksi pass smue haha..tp siot salah lak after tried several times.

X: pls dnt share ur pass..for the cmpny policy blabla..after u free pls call E and just follow what he want..make sure u in front of pc ( for typing the pass if he want) blaba..

X suddenly call E : hi E ..sorry ok bcause i already told them to call u and mke sure they will give what u want ok..

E: ok2.. ( haihs..teknan gua )

E & A: aiyaa..sush la ni mcm..kitaorg nk call diorgnya staff suh call blk nk fixed mnda lain pn susah ni nk suh diorg call kte bila diorg free..tah bile nk resolve problem ni..haihs..so wait saja la..maybe kita bole wat after diorg finished work ke ape ke..kalo ade pass..td suro cpt sgt..ni lagi lmbat ade laa.

p/s i just finished one user ! ..need to wait 10 more..haihs..

Posted April 8, 2009 by hackerzx in 1337 speak

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